Caponata and the end of the season

It’s the even of Yom Kippur which always means the end of the season is approaching. Some things were utter failures this year (kale, green beans, garlic) but not our eggplant.

Our peppers and tomatoes didn’t let us down this year, either. I think we’ll have to make some changes for next season.


Summer harvest

There’s plenty more eggplant and peppers coming too.

Still not enough kale to harvest though. And our green beans aren’t growing much yet.

Tortilla soup and Schug

Made tortilla soup with Nardelo peppers from our garden and Yemenite s’hug (recipe here) with jalapeƱos from our garden.

First eggplant harvest!

Kaphine picked these and made a delicious stir fry. We’re not sure where the white eggplant came from, but it was yummy.

First okra

First okra harvested! Still learning. The larger one is about 4-5 inches so it may be overripe. Will cut the up tomorrow when I make jambalaya.

Okra blossom!

So that’s what it looks like!

First eggplants

I count six small eggplants on our plants, so excited!