Carrots sprouting 

One flower in full bloom, one just budding 

New gardening method 

Due to light and uneven ground in our new home our veggies are going to be on plant boxes this year.  We’re using the City Pickers system. 

We’ve planted carrots, two Japanese eggplant, one jalapeño, one Californian Wonder bell pepper, a sun gold cherry tomato, and a regular tomato variety (Mountain Fresh).  Kaphine has planted marigolds with the tomatoes as a pest deterrent.  

Last year we missed the growing season because of the move.  It’s exciting to be back to gardening. 

First geranium bloom!

They were transplanted from our garden in Brighton.  They seem to have settled in well this year.

Things are in the ground! 

Kale, sage, rosemary, cilantro, and loveage.

Spring is here 

First full growing season in a new garden.  Our geraniums, scallions, peony, and rhubarb are coming back on their own. 

New house, new garden 

We bought a new house!  It comes with its own garden space, which was one of our requirements, if we were going to move out of Brighton and therefore have to give up our plot in the Brighton Community Garden.  We’re really sad about that part, because it’s been a great experience and a great community.  But as you can see, we’re getting a whole lot more space for our new fade , which we will share with our neighbors – who are friends of ours – who bought the condo next door.  

So far we have simply transplanted our peony, lovage, geraniums, thyme, chives, and a rhubarb from our garden plot.  Incidentally, we haven’t even move in yet, but nothing makes a place feel more like home than putting things in the ground.