One more kale salad

Everything else is done for the season but we can still harvest tbe kale and and make at least one more kale salad.


Carrot harvest

The carrots are always the last thing we harvest, other than the kale which goes long into winter. This year’s crop was a little disappointing. Maybe they wanted to bs thinned more than i did or maybe i waited too long. Or maybe this variety wasn’t as hearty. They are petite carrots, so they are supposed to be small, but a couple looked like something got to them underground.

Fall blooms!

The last harvest?

This is probably the last harvest of cherry tonatoes.  There’s two small eggplants left on the plant, but that’s probably it for them too.  Our bell peppers seem to be done too, our cukes were done weeks ago.  Soon it’ll be time to harvest the carrots.  But out jalepenos and kale are still going strong. 





This is is less than half of the eggplant on our plants; I only harvested the largest. I guess that’s what we get for being away two weeks in late August.

What’s in the garden pizza 

Made by Kaphine 

with kale, basil, and tomato from our garden.


Hibiscus flower! 

So glad we go to see one bloom in person. We had many other blooms while we were on vacation.